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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By Luiscardoso

Whenever you make a window archicad keeps the same type of composite above it, which means keeping it either concrete, sandlime stone bricks or whatever i am using.

Is there any way to automatically get a lighter construction (ex: wood construction w gipsboard) above it?

This is particularly relevant for the sections and also for schedules of m3 of construction materials.

The only solution i have o far is to make a window, make a whole above the window (w empty opening) and then create a light construction wall above it, and that is just too much work.

Thanks in advance
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By Erwin Edel
You can give windows an oversize or even play with custom reveal settings to cut away part of the wall or use a SEO element on a hidden layer.

I would still model the light construction with something like a complex profile beam/wall, as it is too much breaking up of the model to have it as one wall.

I generally leave this kind of detailed work for permit or later stage of projects though, when things are unlikely to change much.
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By LaszloNagy
You could also split the Wall into 3 pieces: 2 pieces on the two sides and the third piece the width of the Door/Window. Then you can assign a different Composite to the middle Wall piece. I think that is a relatively quick way of achieving it.
Luiscardoso wrote:...

Is there any way to automatically get a lighter construction (ex: wood construction w gipsboard) above it?...

Short answer is no. Not automatically. But there are always many ways to get what you want with ArchiCAD.

You could place another wall with the construction and materials you want above the window and use Solid Element Operations to get rid of the other wall above the window. If it is just a graphic representation you need, you could make the top interior casing extend to the ceiling. That might be as close as you can get to being Automatic.
In the case of using the empty window hole, I do that on occasion for several things. It is not that much trouble to copy the wall along side, change all the windows and doors to empty openings, make that wall 1/64" tall and slide it back into place. Perhaps making it the width of the wall sheathing or what ever is useful. This gives you a set of matching empty window and door openings to stretch around as needed, and can also be used for many other things like scheduling the area of the rough openings...things like that.
Another thing that might be an option is to use a door with an Empty leaf. That will give you the option for a top casing without showing a door. ? A casing can be as thin a 1/64" if that helps.

I am having fun learning how to make these videos. Can anyone see them?