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Dear members,

As I need a special kind of Level-Dimension-Marker for my floor-plans, I want to do some adjustments to one the ArchiCads default Level-Dimension-Marker-Signs.

Where can I find them? Are they part of the 'hidden' Library like the vector-hatches? Or is there somewhere else a file, which contains the graphic definitions for the level-dimension-marker signs?

Please help me finding the source of the marker-signs or give me a hint, where I should look for them.

Best regards from vienna,
Yours, Klaus
As far as I know the markers used in the level dimension tool are hard coded into the Archicad program so you won't be able to change them.

Maybe a custom object or label might work for what you want but you will need to know a bit of GDL scripting.

Thank you for your answer Barry - so it seens to be exact like I feared...

But... could it be possible, to add an level-marker-sign by using the ArchiCAD-API? 'Just' add an 'special' addon and then the 'select marker-sign-pop-up' offer the additional level-marker-sign in addition to the 'default'?

Is it possible to tune a tool-dialog using the API and creating a proper addon (*.apx)?

Background info - or: why this modification is important for me:

in Austria there exist an official standard (like ISO-Standard), how the marker-signs in a building-plan should look like. Although GS is informed about this standard and lots of complaining and begging happend (since AC_v7), the signs we need in Austria have not been added by GS.

This issue is not a dramatical problem - yes, we create a library-part as 'workaround' - but it is a shame. Although it is ridiculous in many nasty discussions, when the 'opposite' do not know what to say against ArchiCAD, come: "... but you even can not use the correct level-dimension-marker-sign... (hahaha) " - I hate it -because it's true :evil:

If it is possible to change this ridicoulous situation for ArchiCAD Users in Austria by using an *.apx and no changes in the workflow, no "dimension-library-parts" - they are like a [censored] wooden-leg, it would be great.

Thanks to all members, who can help me giving infos about this issue to me - you help to "make this dream true" :wink:

Yours, catch17
I agree with Barry, this is something that is hard-coded into the Level Dimension Tool.
I think the API allows you to create your own Dialogs, but it does not allow you to modify a default Dialog or its controls. In this case you would have to modify a "marker Type" Push Menu control within the Level Dimension Settings Dialog and also the Info Box. I am not aware of this being possible.

I think this is an issue, not only in your country, but other countries as well, and not only with the Level Dimension Tool, but other tools as well, for example, the Linear Dimension Marker Types and Elevation Dimension Marker Types.
I think we should be able to define our own Marker Types for any of these Tools.
Please make a wish about this and I will forward it to GRAPHISOFT if it gets high enough support.