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By DGSketcher
I have been asked by a long standing client to carry out a survey of all the M&E assets in his five storey approximately 200 room building which I have as a current AC model. The kind of things to pick up are relatively simple e.g. domestic grade fittings for power, lights, fire protection etc.

I am wondering how best to record all this information in the field before adding to the drawings. I have tried to look at using BIMx but can't find any useful guidance regarding mark up. The other option would be to mark up PDF plans with an appropriate app.

On the hardware front I have an iPAD Air but would possibly splash out for the Pro with pen if the benefits were there.

Interested to hear from anyone with experience of suitable mark up solutions or even ideally how to use the BIMx app to record the various points in each room.
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By Steve Jepson

Different in your area perhaps but I start all building surveys in the Fire Sprinkler Riser Room. The name of the installer is on the riser. They not only have the plans for the sprinkler system, but they probably also have the plans for the building they used to design the system with. And the Mechanicals too. And their drawings are more reliable than the Architects. If it is an old building, they probably have done their own as-builds which can be useful placeholder prints for the info you need to collect. Their stuff has to fit. I have frequently found complete sets of building plans in the storage rooms of the Fire sprinkler contractors when even the Architects no longer retain a copy. Do you have an old Digitizer you could use? I used to use one back in the days when I made lots of building surveys. I pushed it around on a cart. Better things are available these days--
By DGSketcher
Thanks for the feedback Steve. I didn't need to do the work in the end. It turned out it was an accountancy exercise where the cost of recording all the M&E was likely to make a huge dent in what was supposed to be recovered so not much return on investment. Accountants settled for using construction industry approximate estimates.