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After updating Archicad 20 installed under OSX 10.12.6 from version 3016 to any subsequent version, Archicad upon launching still requires a license confirmation. I was hoping that the update 6005 will finally solve this annoying problem, unfortunately that did not happen, unfortunately it looks like version 21 will have the same problem, but here I wait until my distributor will be able to update the keys to confirm.
Is there any way to eliminate this annoying problem?
Brett, thanks for the link, I did not notice it before.
Unfortunately, Graphisoft has not been able to solve this problem for almost a year, it seems that it also moved to AC 21.
If this is a permissions issue, Apple along with the macOS Sierra have taken away our ability to intervene, leaving it up to the makers of the software.
Unfortunately, besides this forum, we have no way of telling Graphisoft developers any other errors except for the usual reporting that is launched after the program hangs.
Hi All,
The problem that was fixed in the 4012 Update is the following:
Before the 4012 update if you accepted the EULA and changed your network mode from cable to wifi or vice versa, then the next start of ARCHICAD brought the EULA up again.
Is your case the same? I tried to reproduce this on a mac with the 6005 update and could not. Please PM me a screen video, and steps to reproduce...maybe your network that we can enter this issue as a bug. Right away I can not reproduce it...
Best, k
I do not know where the error lies. If AC 20 v.3016 was installed on OSX Yosemite, pop up window of the license confirmation is showing each time when the program was started.
When installing 3016 on macOS Sierra such a window did not pop me, but pop up after installing each subsequent update.
So AC20 v.3016 no pop up of EULA confirmation's window, 4012-window pops up, 4020-pops up, 5025 window pops up, 6005 window pops up.
The problem also occurs in AC 21, I'm run the program, pops up the confirmation window of the license terms, I'm click Accept button, continuing the program startup.
This could be related to another case, which happens on Windows.
The behaviour that triggers it, is that the username (which is part of the EULA checksum creation) is typed differently on each login (sometimes only in lowercase and other times in mixed format). Seems like ARCHICAD's username checksum is case sensitive and it causes the EULA re-appearing. This problem will be fixed with the next update for both ARCHICAD 20 and ARCHICAD 21 as well!! Kind regards,
Probably solution is very simple on ours macs. As wrote GS Support:

"Please ask the client to send 2 System Report files.
- one generated after the acceptance of the EULA dialog.
- and a second one which is generated when the EULA dialog appears the next time.

How to generate the system report:
1 About this mac menu item
2 System Report button
3 File menu item
4 Save

That way we can check if any differences in ID numbers triggers the EULA acceptance dialog."

When I run AC 21, after acceptance of the EULA dialog, generated report & computer restarted, EULA window does not appear.
I using last update of AC 21 4022 POL Full.