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I really think something like these stairs should have their own separate library, so they can be updated separately to the main library - especially as they are new and should be updated often.

Plus the fact there may be others like me that don't actually use the default GS library - and therefore the stairs (and stair MVO options) don't work as they should.
Or maybe I am on my own here and everyone else uses (loads) the default GS library.

Currently I have to extract the LCF file, find all the relevant bits and pull them out into a separate library myself.
Yes, I can just load the GS library as well but then I have duplicates with my library which was an old GS library that was customised especially for us many years ago - and I really don't want our users using the default GS objects as I can't alter them as easily as I can our objects.

The separate LCF stair file should also include all stair MVO options as well.

Of course this applies to railings as well.

It has been 6 weeks since the INT library update was released and we are still waiting for other versions (well we are still waiting for AUS version at least - don't know about others).

And according to the release notes for the INT version there are a whole lot of stair and railing fixes and updates.

I think I will raise the question with our AUS distributor and see what they say.

Just had word from GS Australia (Central innovation) and they say they have received the AUS library and are testing it.
Should be released sometime in January.
I assume this will be similar for other nationalities.

Still I think 3 months is an awful long time to wait for important updates - especially for something new like stairs and railings.

Given all the 'teething' problems with 21, I've yet to start working with it.

Also because 20 works just fine for the current boom of large single houses we are designing.

But yeah, still waiting for the update, in the meantime we've had High Sierra roll out on our Macbook Pro workplaces (we use both windows workstations and macbook pro), making it even more tricky to update.
I would like to bend the original wish a bit, and have a tool/dialogue that finds all the relevant library parts (macros, images, other objects) and asks whether to export them as well. Would be very useful for doors/windows too...