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Visual appeal, Interactions (Navigate, Select, Edit, Input), User Interface Components...

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By daviiiiidave
I wish an advanced layermanager.
One of the most used things in AC.

yesterday i got an file from an big project and it was a total mess. 100 of layers and minutes of search the right thing. the filter option is not enough.

Please add more options to get a better Visabilty.
Like Bold, Italic, Underline, Colors, Groups/Folders, some seperation lines, null layer, show materials/profiles etc. applied on layerobjects via customable symbols
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By daninet
this is smthing coming up for a looong time. I agree totally

Also it is annoying if you hide a layer in view there is no way to update your layer combination coz when you select the layer combination to update it resets back :)
With BimServer and BimCloud we had to collaborate by a single model
By this way it might be great to lock or unlock a layer or some layers for each collaborater
The MEP engineer could work on the sigle model without go through external files (recollement, loss of time and energy but especially strong risks of errors)