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What's your opinion about this wish?

This would be a Game Changer
I can live with that
We have other problems.
Grahpisoft, dont think about it!
By daviiiiidave
What do you think of an archicad mobile app. Low Version for Phones and High Version for Tablets. I'm not clear about all functions but it was an idea and i thought i can write it down.


to shoot pictures and transfer them via cloud to every teamwork memeber participating like plans, changes or even progress pictures from building side to instantly keep changes and new ideas right in time.

Maybe something like this floorplan app (Magic Plan etc.) Transferring information automatically to object information and drawing floorplans via archicad. Showing this simulations in BIMx.

BIMx should be more like a modeler. We should be able to make changes via BIMx. Lets start with dimensions and then lets keep going to more parameters.

Tools Part
compass, spirit level, point-to-point, height, picture measurement

special addons as mechanical addons: Infrared Lights, measurement units etc.

Analytics part
weather, progress, personal management

Controlling part
Calendar, To-Do-Lists, Task-Lists, Supply Control

Communication/messenger part
Members of project can communicate via voice and chat(via Headset), thats can possibly increase the social part of an building side and even the controlling part. all people can keep contact and meet each other for lunch, meetings or just to hang out :)

Drawing Part
Some area where you can draw and show people you thoughts

i will keep going if i have more ideas