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By Lasse Borg
My BIMSERVER schedules aren't working.

All my projects on bimservers are set to:

One .PLN once a week, save the one
One .BIM project every day, save three

But as you can see in the enclosed image .BIM project backups aren't made, they are old even if the project has been modified recently.
I've only checked 19 and 20 so far but it's the same in both.

Anyone else having this problem, GS do you have any ide what's wrong?
Bimserver schedules error.PNG
Could you please verify if the files were not created, or just the Manager UI does not display the backups? You can find a Backups folder under the affected project's own folder, please take a look if the backups were created or not. Default location: C:\Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\BIM Server 20\BIMcloud Server 20\Projects\<project ID>\Backups\

To find the proper folder just do a search in a file explorer with the name of the project, because the folder contains an empty txt file with the name of the project. In your case it should be something like this: _ProjectName-1989 Norra Kvarnvreten.txt

If you can find the newly created *.archive files, then probably the issue is just a synchronisation issue between the user interface and the Server module >>> restart the BIM Server, then in the user interface refresh the browser, select the project and open the snapshots panel, select another project from the list, then select the project again and open the Snapshots panel again, wait a minute. After some time, the list should be refreshed.

If the *.archive files do not exists at all (I mean newer files) then we must investigate further, so please let me know the results.

Best regards,
Hi Istvan!

I've tried all of your suggestions already. First I suspected the "pending" request blocking the backup routine but after a send & receive, with alteration being made in the project, I still wont get a BIMproject backup.

I've checked the Backup files and the dates are the same as in the Manager UI.

Se enclosed image. There you can see that the project has been altered after the latest pln backup but there's no BIMprojekt backup. This is not the only affected project.

BIMSERVER 18 doesn't seem to be affected but 19 and 20 does. SERVER 21 is still young and only hosts a couple of projects and does not display this problem yet.
TW-Vita Liljan Backup2.png