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By Erwin Edel
laszlonagy wrote:
Unrelated: we are very much a multi-platform office. Windows workstations, macbooks, iPads, android phones etc is there a way to register a single account to purchase multiplatform or will it be per-platform purchase for the pro version?

Answer from the same Graphisoft source:
Purchases on mobile platforms are platform-dependent, which means that it is not possible to purchase something on the Apple platform and get it credited and use it on the Android platform, and vice versa.
Getting back to this issue, would it be possible to have BIMx pro on one platform (let's say iOS) and buy the client code to send it to the other platform (Android)?
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By LaszloNagy
I hope this clips answer your question:

By SenecaDesignLLC
Add one more for bimx pro on desktop. that would seal the deal across the board for just about all of my clients. as most of them are using surface pros instead of android or ios
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By Mjules
Why 2D documentation of BIMx Pro is not viewable on PC application too? In North America where everything is going fast, using BIMx Pro on PC could help !!!
By SenecaDesignLLC
BIG SCREEN BIMX PRO chromecast and android

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By Mjules

I like this technology, but Chromecast is in the amount of US $ 45.00...
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By pitrak
old post, with 2 and a half year old requests for desktop versions for BimX PRO..

If I'm correct I read a post by someone from graphisoft that they were working on it. So I bought a surface pro 4 as a secondary laptop one and a half years ago. It hardly gets used. And there still is no sign of bimx pro for windows...

I could make another investment in an ipad pro or samsung galaxy tab s3 (I want a pen). But I would only 'need' that for bimx pro. So if a bimx pro version comes out for windows I've made another 'bad investment'.

Anyone heard any rumors?