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By David Norman
I’d like to back reference details in the Drawing Title to the Layout where the Linked Marker was placed. I understand this is only possible to do with Source Markers and not Linked Markers. Is there any sort of work-around that can be used? Our office standard is to back reference all detail drawings so it is possible to see where the Detail Marker was placed. Thanks

PS post moved to Construction Documentation forum
By methy
Hi David im in the same boat here.
The last post on my thread here: ... ht=#269648

shows a solution for back referencing that I got working, (but it is still somewhat manual in some respects) but works with live linking within archicad and you can navigate within a pdf document using the hyperlinks (when printed using the ArchiCAD publisher). not sure if its exactly what you are after (automatic) but it works well for me where a single detail can be back referenced to multiple different pages.

let me know if you need further explanation or if this is too much of a workaround for you.