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I replaced my old 30" Dell monitor with a new U2718Q (27" 4K HDR) and began experiencing periodic crashes in AC. On day two I could not open a moderately sized pin without crashing. Working with Graphisoft tech support I eventually got the file opened and useable. I've had to adjust a few WE items: all anti-aliasing, background updating, and auto-rebuild turned off. Standard resolution for this monitor is 3360x1890, which is the upper limit for my graphics card.

Anybody using a similar setup and experiencing issues or not?
I am not having any problems like that with AC21 and screen @ 3840x2160.
However, some of the pop-up windows will probably remain a problem until version 22 comes out - hopefully with 4K compatibility.

There is a Windows 10 fix tool that might help. You will need to test the program a couple of times to get the right settings.
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checking this box is what helped the most for me. Not sure why. I wasn't having any font display problems. ??