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In order to reduce the uncontrolled and free flood of attributes, I think it is useful to be able to place hotlinked modules without any attributes. I often want to refer elements of other projects , but I need only the 3d -geometry. No materials, no building materials etc. There could be an option in the modules dialog box that prevents the free traffic of attributes, thank You.
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By Erwin Edel
As a workaround, you could open your module, purge all unused attributes and then delete all remaining attributes and replace them with the standard empty fill, white paint surface, some generic building material. Though once you start messing with the building materials, your 3D geometry might not be correct anymore.

Things like composites and complex profiles will copy along too and these will contain building materials too.
I think it is a matter of organizing the program so that attributes are not automatically included in hot links. These are my wishes after all.
If You want to compare other disciplines' design when You get every week new updates, You understand the need.
Not argueing the need, trying to give you something you might do until such time the wish would be implented (if done at all) :)

I do think it will be very complex due to building materials and how they include a fill and a surface. So copying any complex profile / composite potentially means adding the fill and surface along with the complex profile / composite to your attributes. Line types too, but I don't think they are customised that much.

I've also solved some of these issues by making our default template have more attributes that we typically use in projects, so more unity among projects where we can safely copy things around.

If you are comparing things, maybe hotlink both models to a new file, to keep your master file clean?

Again, just offering work-arounds that might work in the meantime.