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By alemanda
I've recently update to win 10.
In AC21 I'm now facing a strange behaviour during layout drawing update process.
When I open a layout, drawing update process takes longer than before and in particular it seems that drawing update stops when I switch to another program and resumes when I go to archicad window. The result is that I have to wait for archicad to update the drawing ...
If I'm not wrong, previously AC updated the drawings in background. I mean even switchin to another program AC continued with drawing update task.
Moreover I noticed that the drawing update process is done 2 or 3 times ... I mean it ends and restarts again ... like in a loop ...
By alemanda
I add the following.

I have the layout opened in AC21.
Update process is terminated.
I switch to another program
I go back to AC21 window (layout opened)
The drawing update process is repeated again.

Very strange.
By alemanda
I've been recently contacted by support and I did the following (as per their instructions):
- browse to c:\Users\<your-username>\GRAPHISOFT\ARCHICAD-64 Log Folder and locate the “FastLogger” folder.
- Delete all log files and then run ARCHICAD performing the steps/commands to reproduce the issue.

This solved the problem for me.
I think they are investigating on the reason why it happens.
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By dkovacs
Hello everyone,

I am not sure the Fastlogger folder deleting thing is related to this, but we have a problem in ARCHICAD 21 that it will keep reverting drawings to "needs checking" status (even though nothing changed), so when you switch back it refreshes drawings. This should be fixed in the next update of ARCHICAD 21 (5002), which is already available as a preview version.

If someone has a a similar problem, this might be the solution to it!