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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By KSArchitects
I'm working on an old project that was started in AC17. It was originally modeled with solid walls instead of composite walls. We are now going through and changing the solid walls to composite walls. The problem is that when we change from solid wall to composite wall, the overriding surface changes. In this case, it changes to the surface attributed to the core building material in the composite.

i.e. I have an insulated 2x4 wall with 1/2" gyp on either side and insulation as the core material. The surface attributed to the insulation building material is the surface that I see in 3D. I have the surface override option on yet it does not change anything.

The renovation status is set to new, I am in the model view we always use, I've tried messing with the priority of the gyp building material and it still hasn't changed. Is this an issue with the graphic override?
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By David Maudlin

It might be a Graphic Override, you should have an option for "No Overrides" to check. It could also be caused by the Partial Structure Display being set to not show Finishes if your gypsum board is set as a Finish in the Composite Structures settings.

By KSArchitects
David Maudlin wrote:KSArchitects:

...It could also be caused by the Partial Structure Display being set to not show Finishes...


Wow, thank you. I have no idea when or how that was changed.