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Link wrote:A half workaround is this:

Open the layer settings dialog and sort the layers by visibility. Select all the layers that are currently visible by shift selecting the last one. Then select your layer combo. Your layers will still remain selected. Click on the eyeball to make them all visible. If you don't use locking or wifeframe, you could also lock or wireframe them all here as a temporary measure. For the ones that are not selected you need to manually change them to be hidden, but this is where the locked/wireframed ones will come in handy, to help you recognize the leftovers. Once you've made the correct layers visible/hidden unlock/un-wireframe them all and update your layer combo.

I've used this technique many times and it works well if you stretch your layer settings dialog out and take a screenshot if necessary.

But yes it would be nice to have an update button, so long as it didn't clutter the interface.


Thank you for this method, I will definitely try it!

Developers should consider making a script (with on/off toggle) which automatically updates the LC set for the view you are using. This would be the real deal.
For example, when I am using my conceptual design views, everything I add in new layers would be instantly added to my concept LC which is set for these views. If I then change to a more detailed view, and the different LC kicks in with it, nothing would be lost in the layer sea, if I sometime forget to update this concept LC.

I am also using different versions of ArchiCAD, from 12 to 20, depending on who are my colleagues, so it would be awesome if the script would be compatible with all these versions, and not only implemented in AC22.

These are just my dreams, sorry if they are unrealistic :D