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By vasil4y92
1.It will be a great thing if Archicad have region cut plane like in Revit.

2. Also, the AutoCAD flexibility when drawing in 2D will be much appreciated in Archicad, which has very slow 2D workflow. Layer workflow is also slow.
Drawing instances are definitely a necessary thing.

3.Another thing that is going to speed up the workflow is command line. It will
synchronize working with a lot of programs, which comes very frustrating.

4. Archicad has a lot of settings that can be simplified. 50% of the time i am wasting energy searching for a setting that is slowing me down. It needs to be more intuitive and the most important settings at the front.

5. Archicad - Grasshopper connection is great, but its meaningless and not working for me because export geometry is rough for 3d visualizations and is not working for 2D at all./For more complex projects/ Maybe with very big and simple project is time saving.
6.It will be useful you make changes in working with complex geometry, morph and shell flexibility is wooden, awful and it needs improvements. As an architect, i want to have a program which allows me to hand model any form, make it architectonic, disintegrate it into parts and panels, make junctions and freeform beams in any direction, not only vertical and horizontal. And it needed to be done in Archicad, not making plugin that only complicates the workflow.

So conclusion for me so far is that Archicad needs to be more like Autocad in terms of 2D drawing and more like Rhino and grasshopper for complex projects.

It a lot to ask, but if you want to be the best architecture program, you have to consider these important aspects.
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By Karl Ottenstein
Perhaps you feel better now after posting all of your wishes. :-)

But, if you actually WANT to see any of these things voted on and considered by Graphisoft, you need to make a SINGLE wish per thread/poll...with the subject line matching the exact wish. So, if your post is more than personal therapy, please post 5 separate wish topics in the appropriate forum. Note that there are 9 separate forums to sort out the area that a wish concerns. Afterwards, delete this wish.