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By DataChris
Archicad desperately needs the ability to toggle the view of Autotext content (on/off). That is, there needs to be a way to see that text on the screen is not simply text but an Autotext field container (#TextContent pulled from elsewhere) . This is particularly important on Master Layouts where we use a mix of text and Autotext and can never tell what is Autotext (unless the referenced Autotext content is empty). In fact the default view behavior on a Master layout should be the #Autotext container name only, not the referenced content. If it's not clear what I am describing, try opening MS Word and see you have the ability display or hide field codes. Try the same in any database app, or really any app where containers / fields are used. There is always a way to view either the content or the field code. Making the request Graphisoft adds this basic Autotext View Option to Archicad!
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By DataChris
Associative Labels would fall under this Autotext View Option too. Basically anything that isn't pure text could be toggled on/off to display the container/field as a container/field.
I think this is a very valid request considering that there are more and more places where the displayed/generated data is coming from Autotext. There it is becoming more and more important to be able to distinguish which portions of text is coming from Autotext. I think an On-Screen View Option would be the best way to solve this.
By JaseBee
I usually have multiple pen numbers devoted to text, one of which I use to distinguish auto text.

You have to manually change the text colour when typing your field. Then when the editing pens set is selected it highlights the auto text in a different colour, and when you come to print they are all set to black in the pen set.

Doesn't show you the auto text container name, but you can at least see it's live.

I also use a similar approach for modified dimensions, so when they are changed to a fake value (not the best practice but does happen) you can easily see which ones need to be double checked.
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By gdford
I agree this is getting more and more important. Almost all of my text is now autotext. It would be huge if when you hover over autotext the object information would display the source.