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Modelling and drafting in ARCHICAD. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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You're welcome guys. :D

TomWaltz wrote:I love that "torn paper" look for your screen shots!

SnagIt 7 from TechSmith. Really nice screen capture utility for Windows. Lots of cool effects and built-in editor, saves in lots of file formats, etc.

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Thanks Karl!

Works great on my Mac.... as my 6 year old says "Sweet!"
Just tried the Mac version of Quickdisplay and just wanted to say thanks as it works great Karl well done.

One thing I noticed on your website instructions was
Windows users have a slightly easier way of displaying and hiding toolbars:
...just right-mouse in your toolbar area (not on a button) and you'll get a context menu that is similar to the one at right.

This also works on a Mac with either a three button mouse (as I have) or by holding down the Control key + clicking with a one button mouse

Well this does work on OSX 10.3.7 any hoo i don't know about other flavours of Mac :)

Thanks again
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Ah, thanks!!! Being a Mac newbie, I was right-clicking (or ctrl-clicking) as on Windows ... in a 'blank' area of the toolbar, which was below the 'close' toolbar button. This did nothing.

Yes! right-clicking on a toolbar itself on the Mac does give the menu. Perfect.

The "Solstice / Christmas 2004" edition of the free QuickDisplay plug-in is now available for download. Options have been added for toggling text handles and for toggling detail boundary polygon visibility.

Full information and installation instructions can be found here:

If you have installed a previous release, be sure to read the release notes concerning updating to this version.

Happy holidays to all,

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Karl, may I have a wish?
I would love similar toggle options for Zone Polygons, Fill Background and Doors & Windows.
These would need to work in such a way that they cycle through all options for each with each key press (i.e. 6 different options for Zone Polygons)
These I use frequently and changing them with one keystroke would be great.
I wonder if other users could use these additions.
Otherwise I like this tool very much and thank you for it.