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Hello there,

I need a palette that I can set phases to a project. The renovation filter works fine for small projects, but when it comes to a bigger one, I need to set my construction elements in "Phase 1", "Phase 2", "Phase 3", "Phase 4" or more. These phases are different from renovation filter as I want to follow this process in an existing building:

Phase 1: Some walls demolished - September 2018
Phase 2: Some walls constructed - October 2018
Phase 3: Some slabs demolished - November 2018
Phase 4: Roof demolished - November 2018
Phase 5: Some walls constructed - November 2018
Phase 6: New roof constructed - December 2018

In my workflow, the renovation filter is not useful. It is not always this straightforward process of demolishing all elements in the building and then construct all new elements. I need something like a timeline, in which I can set specific dates and have a clear view of the building at that moment.

I found this topic in the "Specific questions/problems" as well:

Best regards,
Vasileios Stergioudis
Look into Properties I have done a variation of this with using them for design options.
ejrolon wrote:
Tue Nov 13, 2018 7:58 pm
Look into Properties I have done a variation of this with using them for design options.
Do you mean I should look in Classification and Properties? There are 3 sub-categories: ID and categories, Renovation, IFC Properties. In the second one, Renovation, you can set the structural element as "Existing", "To be demolishes" or "New" and then show it on relevant filters or specific ones.

The timeline I ask is a different thing. The process of demolishing elements and then constructing the new ones are seldom this straightforward. I often have tasks of "demolishing" and "constructing" elements at different times. Think of a multi story building. At Time-1, there are elements being demolished on Groundfloor. At Time-2, there are elements being demolished on 1st Floor and other ones constructed on Ground floor. At Time-3, there are elements being demolished on 2nd Floor and other ones constructed on 1st Floor and so on...

Apart from what is being constructed or demolished, I need a timeline of when it is being done. It would be nice to set the exact date of every step in a renovation.
You can certainly set properties for a demolition date or construction date for each element.
Then if only Graphic Overrides could hide elements rather than just override them I think you would be well on your way.

For now if you just want to highlight (override) the various elements, you could do this now.
Just like displaying walls with different fire ratings, you will just set up a GO rule to override walls with a particular demolition date (set in the properties).

I still think it can be done with Properties and Renovations. It might take some trail and error but it shouldn't take long. The work around for not being able to turn things off is to turn them white and override their cut fill.

I think that the trick is to use Renovation Status to hide main items and a Property with the date so that you can GO using a combination of Reno+Property.

In addition you can schedule the Properties so that you can list when a particular item was "modified" and you should be add the Zone were it is located
Thank you for your answers, I will look at them and give it a try. I can use GO to show certain elements in 2D, but can I have a 3D view of my building at any specific time?

It would be nice to have a bar (a proposed interface like Google street) and slide it at any specific time of the building process. Maybe I am wrong, but GO are for another use.
Vasileios S. wrote:
Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:35 am
…but can I have a 3D view of my building at any specific time?
GO can also work in the 3D window. For example substitute all items not on this date to a glass material.
The way Phases work in Autodesk Revit is a great example of the sort of tool for multi-phase projects we are looking for, I think.

I have been using archicad for a couple of months now and this is perhaps the biggest thing I miss from Revit. (Well, that and the ability to just manually HIDE any object in a view...)

the problem with the current phasing tools in archicad is you are limited to showing a single snapshot in the project's life, when today we want BIM tools that allow us to manage and track buildings and projects throughout their entire life-span! Not just across a single renovation. That's what clients are looking for, too. They want us to show them what they can do next, what happens to the building in 5 years' time? In 10 years' time?

Not to mention the increasing trend towards modelling and documenting every stage of the construction process in increasing detail exactly as the OP is doing.

Basically we're talking about the ability to easily and intuitively split and display the model across different points in time - constructing a 4D model if you wish.
TBH this is really, REALLY essential. Please please please in the next version :) :) :)
Vasileios S. wrote:The renovation filter works fine for small projects, but when it comes to a bigger one,
Project phasing is essential even for small project that have just a bit of history.
In almost all of my projects there are some little differences between the real configuration of the building and the approved plans. If i have to design a third new phase a nightmare begins because i have 3 stages and i have to show A,B and C and then i have to do comparisons between A vs B and then B vs C with the classical red and yellow scheme.
Achieving a decent phased project with Graphical overrides and layer combination is complicated and difficult to maintain.