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By dinispires
Hello Everyone

It could be super if Archicad could come with a GPU Renderer like Lumion or EEVEE
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By Lingwisyer
Do you no longer get access to the latest Twinmotion with AC24?
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By Podolsky
I'm personally not really into Twinmotion. It is pretty from the first look, but it is more interactive presentation tool. To be honest - sometimes simple BIMx with set of drawings is more informative then Twinmotion file.

The quality of stills are not super high (compare them with modern renders that uses Monte Carlo path tracing engines). Quite a lot of people are using CineRender - but this is not the first class product. Even if you compare with render quality of latest Cinema 4D.

Does exist open source projects of Monte Carlo path tracing (or Metropolis light transfer - MTL) renders. For example LuxCoreRender. Why not to implement this into ArchiCAD?
By henryL
In 2019 maxon bought redshift render. So today the nemetschek group has a gpu renderer. It is unknown if their technology will be spread for free among the group's softwares as it is cinerender today. Redshift is actually a paid option if you own cinema4d so i don't think archicad will have a gpu render any soon.
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By Podolsky
GPU is additional resource and computing power while CPU is busy with something else.
Important is not only to use GPU (as I assume it is possible to program to use BIMx GI on GPU) - but what algorithms of global illumination render will use. The latest technology on renders is Metropolis Light Transport as variation of Monte Carlo bi-directional photon path tracing. Sounds like very clever words.
But apart of jokes - MTL is "unbiased" physical based renderer (light simulator), when programs like CineRender, Artlantis or Twinmotion - mimicking photographic effect with different tricks, pre-calculations, calculations, final gathering, antialiasing etc.

All details about Monte Carlo:
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By Lingwisyer
I mentioned Twinmotion as the OP gave the example of Lumion, and to a lesser extent EEVEE, both of which are real time renders unlike C4D, Luxcore or any other Monte Carlo system.