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By 4hotshoes
A real roof is complex. More than you might think from just looking at it. But apart from gables and hips, its the huge variety of how to construct the roof, how that integrates to the walls and ceilings and then there are the endless configurations of eaves, rakes, corners of the rakes and eaves. There must be a better way to make and manage roofs that a simple sloped slab. Set the rake at 6" and the eave will not be 6" on a single thickness roof slab.

But! A simple option to have the bottom of the eave edge clipped to match the roof slab thickness, no matter what the slope is, would go a long way in being much better as a tool.
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By ricarc
I don't understand well what you are looking for, simply roof is a complex thing, made of different parts, materials, shapes....and modeled with different tools and objects as each other complex part in building construction...
By 4hotshoes
I don't mean to say that the Roof Tool is useless. It does function. But it is much like a slab that slopes.

For a few years I had to work with Chief Architect, which has a roof tool that has many settings to make a simple or complex roof edge and included frieze trim with various profiles and shapes. It would allow sloped or flat soffits and build them in the defined overhang of the roof. It was not as involves as AC's stair tool, but similar. It would be nice to keep the current "roof" tool as a primitive, but have enhanced features available on the same tool or a new tool. Otherwise, it is a lot of work to create and maintain an accurate roof structure.
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By Tomek Piatek
Just to chime in a little here. As buildings get more and more complex the tools that we need to design and document these constructs need to support us in our effort. However, this should never come at the expense of ease of use, and "easy to use" doesn't imply "simplistic".

So whatever the developer bring us in the future I hope that it is well considered from usability point of view first and foremost because I don't care how many options a tool has if it's going to take me considerably longer time to use it each and every time.

There's a fine balance between power and usability but it is achievable and it's imperative that it is maintained.
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By Hmooslechner
Complexity in possibilities can only be divided into topic pieces.

1. The over-all-geometry is solved. Both possibilities - single roof or multi-roofs are functioning geometrically perfect. No changes are needed.

2. Multi skinned roofes: Here some programming - work is to do! There are differences between multi-skinning structures within the building and outside the building. Archicad does not math this.

3. roof structure: the Roofmaker should be able to react (at all) to the multi-skinns of the roofes. It builds the rafters just from the down-level geometry of the multi-roof-element and thats not correct. You should be able to decide from which skin it should be calculated - but the now existing function is in most cases "not ok".

4. static under-roof-construction: out there - are very many possible construction methodes - just program them and offer us them and let us decide what we want.

For the few of you who "can" german:

Here is my attemt to get it working in GDL-form 2014: