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Hi All,
This not news, but I just wanted to share this old document (Graphisoft North America AC18 Standard Pen Table.pdf) that explains the default pen table for the US release of ArchiCAD.
For AC18, we made a slight tweak to it, but it has always been backwardly compatible with the previous US ArchiCAD defaults so that we don't make upgrading and project migration any more disruptive than it has to be.
As new ArchiCAD features were added, such as projected element display, etc. the default USA pen table evolved to support those features. We were able to do that without making existing library parts suddenly obsolete. We wanted to make sure that models authored in earlier versions of ArchiCAD would still read well with any new changes made to the pen table.
Those of you who are interested in really ancient history, I have also uploaded an early draft of this documentation that we made for ArchiCAD 8. It is a called "Pen Discussion for 81.doc".


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By calebg
Thanks Ransom! Is this consistent with the new ARCHICAD 22 Template? I assume it is, just double checking.
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By calebg