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Modeling (Wall, Door, Window, Roof, Stair...), Favorites...

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I just tested this again, as it is something asked for a lot ... and the help file here: ... ingle=true

even claims that we already have this feature! From that link:
The effect of your Turn Plaster settings will be displayed in Section/Elevation views as well. (To see the effect of these settings in the 3D window, you must set an additional option.)
If I check the closure box for "Show in 3D", then the mass around the window increases in proportion to the finish skin in Section... but the skin line does not turn - it just extends.

If the Help file is correct, then GS thinks they've already implemented this... and it is a bug. Otherwise, it's a wish and the Help file is where the bug lies. ;-)

PS In testing this, I see a bad bug in the US window/door library if Cavity Closure is enabled and exterior trim is disabled... the exterior skin is cut back by an amount equal to the width of the exterior trim, were it to be enabled.
Ivaylo Simeonov wrote:Do wall/plaster closures show in the sections generated by AC22 now?

Unless I have been doing something wrong, it has not been implemented...

The floorplan display is just cosmetic too. No actual Building Material involved (for quantity take off).

I suppose the wait is for GDL to catch up to the Building Material work method, which has been around since ArchiCAD17 :?