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Man muss sich doch mit der Graphisoft ID bei myarchicad einloggen oder? Denn bei der Graphisoft Seite kann ich mich ganz normal einloggen, aber bei der myarchicad Seite funktioniert es nicht. Nachdem ich meine email und das Passwort eingebe, wirft es mich auf die Startseite zurück. Weiss jemand was da los ist? Brauche dringend meine Seriennummer. :cry:
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By Karl Ottenstein

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Your post:
You have to login with the Graphisoft ID at myarchicad right? Because with the Graphisoft site I can log in normally, but it does not work on the myarchicad site. After I enter my email and password, it throws me back to the start page. Does anyone know what's going on? Need my serial number urgently.
There is no log in on the Graphisoft site, so I don't know what you might be talking about there. But, yes, you must use your Graphisoft ID at

If you are unable to log in, try a different browser and/or clear the cookies/cache for - or you may have a firewall issue.

At worst, in an emergency, create a new Graphisoft ID in order to get your student serial.
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By ejrolon
IIRC it is possible to have a different login on GSID and in, same email on both with different passwords or multiple IDs since they are not linked.