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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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By MiD
Hello fellows archicad users,
I am new in this forum and also starting a new with archicad.
At the moment I am training but I already need to work on a real project.

Here's my question:
I have columns supporting a concrete slab.
I would like to a see a horizontal line between column and slab.
In my case it doesn't show any line. How could I solve this problem?

thanks for any suggestion
0006 Column Slab.JPG
By alemanda
Use a surface for column different from that one of the slab
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By Barry Kelly
Welcome to the forum and Archicad.
Firstly, please try to post in a relevant section of the forum and not just the 'Archicad+' section.
The section descriptions will hopefully help you choose the correct one.

By way of further explanation, if adjoining elements have the same surface material and their surfaces are in the same plane, then they will join seamlessly - no joining line - as they probably would appear in real life.

You will need to two different surface materials to see a join.
If you really need the same surface and still have a line, then you can duplicate the surface (in the surface settings dialogue) and give the second one a slightly different name.
Then use those surfaces.