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By strangeday
Epic Games, the developer of unreal engine, has acquired Twinmotion from Abvent….the very interest thing is that the actual version…..2019v2, with some little modification, will be free to download until Nov 2019, and free of use forever :shock: :shock: !!

here the new official homepage
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By Lingwisyer
I wonder if you will be able to flip projects between it and Unreal Engine and easily share assets. Or is that already pretty smooth without Datasmith? Has anyone who has used them before got any input on how it is? Was thinking about learning how to use Unity, but with this Unreal might sound more appealing.

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By Stress Co.
Is Twinmotion available in Mac OS?
Can't seem to find system requirements on their website.
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By Stress Co.
Thank you Laszlo.
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By Lingwisyer
That was one of the advantages of Twinmotion over Lumion, it is available on OSX.
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By John Dunham
Any good sites for Twinmotion/Archicad tutorials? I've looked on their site but they don't seem to have much for the uninitiated...from their FAQ:

"What learning materials are available?
Twinmotion is very intuitive and easy to use, and, as such, most people find that they can learn the majority of its functionality through simply exploring the interface. For reference, you can consult our online help playlist; press F1 while using any feature in the software to bring up the associated video. We plan to add further videos, articles, and other materials to support your learning experience in the coming months."
By KrisM
Twinmotion 2019 didn't have any manual, just those hard to see videos. Hopefully Epic will fix this. In the meantime, the free version has generated a lot of interest . One of the people creating videos for Twinmotion now is Justin Geis. You can do a search in Youtube and find his videos. He has been doing a new video every day for the last week. Great information.