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By Steve Jepson

Is it possible to make these very nice textures ( seamless) usable in CineRender?
They look great in 3D with the OpenGL Engine but I have not been able to make get them to work in ArchiCAD rendering with the CineRender Engine.
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By Barry Kelly
In the Cinerender material settings, have you tried the ‘match OpenGL’ option?
It won’t be perfect as it won’t set all the Cinernder settings, but it should look like the OpenGL surface.

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By Steve Jepson
I don't see the Match Match OpenGL option anymore. ?

But it was just a simple matter of adding a layer
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By Steve Jepson
But I still don't have it looking right in CineRender.
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By David Maudlin
Steve Jepson wrote:
Fri May 31, 2019 3:58 pm
I don't see the Match Match OpenGL option anymore. ?
In your screen shot of the Surfaces db, look at the bottom of the left column for the "Match Settings..." pop up. Rather than OpenGL the term is Basic.

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By Steve Jepson
I thought it used to say match OpenGL. I don't want to match Basic settings. In any case, once it is a CineRender Texture, guess it can be tweaked for what I need.

Still, it looks so much better in OpenGL than rendering.

In any case, these textures work great in CineRender - but my interest in using them is not so much for rendering as it is for better screen shots of OpenGL 3D views. Why render it when it looks better in a screen shot anyway ?