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By thinhphamkts
Could any one has the same issue with me or is it the way it is?
I want to purge all surfaces and building materials in Attribute manage. I already deleted entire model but a lot of surfaces and building materials that are not assigned for are still in the model. The same thing happens with Complex Profile.

Please help me out. I am quite frustrated because I am using Enscape and everytime I load Enscape it takes a lot of time to calculate.
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By James B
Attributes are also used for Favourites and Tool Defaults for example. Therefore AC still uses them and they are not considered as "unused", therefore won't be purged from this command.
If you use AC22, you can use Delete and Replace within the Attribute Manager, to avoid Favourites and Tool Defaults with "Missing".
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By James B
thinhphamkts wrote:
Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:06 am
This means I have to delete manually, is it true?
In AC22, you can multi-select attributes, and use Delete and Replace on the whole selection. Then check the report to see how these attributes are used from the selected attributes. In AC21 (and before), you have to do this one by one for Surfaces from the Surface Settings.
In AC23, we extended this Delete and Replace, to show a list of all items - individually listed (not just the summary).

If you can edit your signature to include the version you're using, it will help to more clearly answer your questions. Thanks.
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By thinhphamkts
but I think this is also a manually action.
It would be nice if it can purge as well as Autocad.
I am working in 2 different files. One is for documenting, other is for visualization. The document file is linked into VIS file as a hotlink. So, everytime I reload the document file in VIS file, the complex profile and Composite are still remain the same in VIS file although we changed in Doc file.