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My AC22 hardware key opens USA, INT, SPA, NZE, but it is not opening GER. A friend is having a similar problem with FRA. Is this something that needs to be configured individually for each key, or just a screwup on some database update somewhere that should be fixed after repeated complaining to the distributor?
It seems that Archicad is built around certain language regions.
I have an AUS key and can open INT, USA, UKI, NZE - basically all of the English language versions.
I recently downloaded the French version but could only run it in demo mode.

I don't know exactly with language versions open with which keys, but I would say you will not have any luck running the GER version as it is not 'related' to your key.

I am guessing you may have an SPA key?
I assume any key can open the INT version and possibly all other English language versions.
I may be wrong on that as I have not seen any documentation to say what key can open what versions.
This is just a guess on my part.

Distributor says licenses (at least such as mine) open all English versions + one other language, and the product code is given by that other language. If your license is SPA, then you need to switch it to GER in order to open GER, but it will stop opening SPA; on SSA one can switch monthly.

Whatever the reason may be, I think this sucks severely.