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Hey! Does anyone knows if it's possible to have, automatically, a list of ID's, for windows/doors that have the same dimensions, all in the same cell?

Usually, you have one ID for multiple windows that have the same W x H (like in the image 1).
But, if you want to have unique ID's for all the windows but in the schedule its appears the Dimension as first parameter and then a list of window's/door's IDs (like in the image 2).

Thanks!! :D
Captura de ecrã 2019-06-05, às 22.52.06.png
image 1
image 2
Short answer - no.
Unless you add a custom field and type them in manually.

If each window has a different ID (although they are identical windows), the schedule will treat them as unique items and will list them separately.
Only by taking out the ID field will they become identical and then you can merge them and add the custom text field to manually add the IDs.

You can create an IFC Property that has a rule that takes your Element ID and adds either another Property and or adds "static text"

So for example we identify our Doors using a combination of the Room Number plus the "Door Inventory number" (which is a Library Part Parameter) all with an IFC Property that we can schedule and Label in the floor plan ... HDKRoNtLAk
Re-reading what you are trying to do, you can't get a Schedule to do what you want. As soon as one of your fields displays something different for a window, in this case the unique ID. ArchiCAD will list it as a separate item.

In my example we wanted the all the Doors to be listed separately. In another schedule we Listed the Doors by Elevation Type and Archicad merged the matching Doors and gave us a total number of each Door Elev. Type but we deleted the ID field.
Guys, make a wish for this and I will submit it to GRAPHISOFT.
It would be a useful feature.
If you make the wish, please post the link of its thread here.