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So you have a wall...

Lets say its ID = "wall 01" and its current surface is set to "Paint - White"

First thing you need to do is create a new surface, or modify an existing surface, so it has a vectorial hatching attached to it.

So in 'Options>Element Attributes>Surfaces' Find "Paint - White", Duplicate it, call it maybe "Paint - White (Override)".

Set its vectorial hatching to say "25%" fill, and it's pen to a colour of your choosing (you can leave it on the elements pen setting if you like and it will default to the uncut pen for the wall)

so with this surface created you then go to your graphical override section, create a new rule.

in this example set the filters to search by element type = wall and Element ID = "wall 01" so it finds the wall you want.

then in the override settings you want to check the surface override button, and set the new surface to "Paint - White (Override)".

lastly you need to add that rule to a graphic override set.

make sure your elevation/section settings allow vectorial hatching to be displayed and the wall colour should follow a 25% shade of whatever pen you selected when that graphic override set is applied.

Hope thats a little clearer.