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By Deebee75
Having troubles with Archicad 22 stuck on Refreshing the screen. Only occurred this morning after computer went into hibernation mode. Have reinstalled again and completely updated. Happens on every file so I can't use it all. I have updated all my USB drivers and created minidumps can someone help me troubleshoot.

Further to this I have rolled back my drivers for my Graphics card and I actually think it is my new mouse Logitech trackball Mx Ergo that doesn't like opening the file as I can open with my laptop mouse pad but not with my mouse. Once loaded there is no problems. The problem occurred because I restarted my computer and was using my mouse. Hopefully this helps someone else :) More updates to come if that isn't the problem as with the mouse Archicad 22 cannot be started. :)
Now through process of elimination I think it is the monitor to laptop connection. All I know is it is working after a day of stuffing around. It just doesn't open up on Archicad 22 but does on 21. HDMI cable with Dell monitor as I am not working from home. I'm not good at the cable stuff so hopefully someone can respond with a solution. I think it is that now.
Thank you for posting this solution. I have just had the same problem. My archicad 22 was stuck on Refreshing the screen. I tried a bunch of things which didn't work. Fortunately after seeing this post I unplugged my HDMI cable from laptop to monitor and restarted Archicad and it started no problem.
Having the same issue,
the work around i've found:
you can open the file from the main laptop screen, (ensure the info dialog box is on the laptop screen)
then you can move the program to the external displays.
but if that dialog box is on one of your external monitors, the file will not open, or vice versa.