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By Josh.blumer
We’re interested in developing effective workflow(s) for creating efficient and compelling concept phase renderings. Specifically, what can be done to add hidden-line and other line work over the top or within white model renderings. Also, how can white model shading and tonality be controlled better to create a consistent graphic quality? It would also be desirable to add color, hatch patterns or visual and text based graphics to highlight, outline and generally enhance descriptive elements of any rendering.

My favorite reference for this kind of rendering process is Wes Jones, Architect. In recent years there has been a proliferation of this kind of rendering style. It is effective and very seductive imagery, but the current workflows in our studio require that we start in ArchiCAD and then combine several renderings in Photoshop or Illustrator to make this work. It is generally very time consuming and difficult to delegate or teach for a consistent result.

Too much energy and resources are focused on Photo Realism in the current offerings from the current market ala ArchiCAD, Twinmotion and the like. Concepts get us to the finish line; we need better solutions and workflows for Conceptual Visualization. And, “sketchy” line work is not a great choice in my opinion. With all of the new rendering breakthroughs we certainly have the tech to accomplish this and much more.

Ideas? Thoughts?
show example of what you would like ?
Josh.blumer wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:46 pm

... Concepts get us to the finish line; we need better solutions and workflows for Conceptual Visualization...
Ideas? Thoughts?
I would argue that in many cases Concepts only get you to the starting line.
However, looking at the presentation drawings I think you are describing, there is certainly nothing about them that ArchiCAD is not very well suited for making.