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I think it has to do with the proportions (w x h) of the 3d window somehow.

Found out about this the same way as you did, rendering on multiple workstations, with different work environments set up.

There are many quirks with perspective behaviour, especially if you also use Two-Point Perspective, where it takes some turning it on / switching off etc until you've matched your view again.

We render out several different renders (colour, ambient occlusion, sketch contours, sketch vectorial hatches, sometimes depth map), so you learn to deal with them eventually and don't really think about it anymore.

It is certainly possible to easily render out the same perspective many times.

I've tested a marquee render and a full render and I can overlay them pixel perfect, but I am seeing some issues from global illumination artifacts not being the same between the two.
I tested it further and when you change the resolution of an independant windows then usually it will not shrink the perspective but rather keep it the same size and snap to the left top position, really strange.

when i click back on the view then it will re-adjust to the new size.

is there a way to have me shrinking the windows size act the same as when i click on the view name and then it adjusts the perspective and not top-left ? hope that im being understood.
Can someone rectify how I should use / the connection between :

(3d) Window size - right click on tab
View settings with emphasis on the lower tab with Size setting (what does that refer to ?)
size in render setting in relation to these two above

then 2 point perspective really changes the way how a 3d window scales, weird.

and I can't get a view to really save a fixed size on the 3d window, is it possible ?
I just come to this problem while trying to render on second (and third and fourth) computer.

Is it true that:

the perspective of rendered picture or maybe a "crop" of rendered picture is actually not defined just by camera settings, but also the size of 3D view window, so it will vary between computers (since different working enviroments / monitors etc)?

btw. also "safe frame" works somehow strange
From what I can tell, the view rendered depends on the relation between your 3D window size and render aspect ratio.

With Safe Frame off, it will FILL your 3D window size, resulting in seeing everything in your 3D window plus extra to make up to the desired aspect ratio. With it off, it will FIT to your 3D window size, cropping your 3D window size to your desired aspect ratio. If your 3D window size aspect ratio matches that of your render aspect ratio, there should be no difference when toggling the Safe Frame.

This would imply that if you make a render from a 3D window in which you have defined it's size, you should get the same render given the same settings independent of computer. If you render from the docked 3D window, it will vary depending on your workspace layout and monitor aspect ratio. I have not tested this.