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Discussion of non-graphical data: Properties, Property Expressions, Classifications, Interactive Schedules

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By mbl
I am having this strange problem with schedule layouting (currently working in v.22). My problem is that the schedule is showing different formatting in Project/View Map and a different one when placed on a Layout.

The problem is with Cell Borders "Separators Only" when "Records by Column" Style is selected.

It's not a deal breaker (I might even like the "layout" version better) but is there a way to make them show the same thing?
schedule in saved view.png
schedule on layout.png
schedule settings.png
I can confirm the same thing. When only the vertical separators are turned on the horizontal separators show on the left column anyway in Layout, but they do not show up in the schedule.
If it is any consolation, you can show only that left column with horizontal and vertical bars and the other columns with only vertical bars. That left column can be configured for the lines separately from the rest of the schedule.

This one is a known issue (issue #186904). Last time I have heard of it, it was in ARCHICAD 18.

It is not a very commonly used combination of settings, so barely anybody comes across this. On the other hand, fixing it would require a huge development, so we couldn't put our resources to this yet. We will see when we will be able to get to it (hopefully soon).