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By llau86
When I try to instal Archicad I receive this message:

"ARCHICAD Installer detected that the operating system on this computer is out-of-date. Installation could not start. Please install the latest updates and try again."

I use an older version of Windows 7 SP1 and I really don't want to install all the hundreds of unnecessary updates (I've done it before and my PC did't work quite good afterwards).

So I would like to ask what specific update is needed to run the Installer?

Thanks! :D
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By sboydturner
From Graphisoft support page:
-The latest updates are required to be installed on all Operating Systems
-Only 64-bit Operating Systems are supported

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By Lingwisyer
I wouldn't say unnecessary... there are quiet a lot of security and bug fixes among other things... And maybe last time you did it you were one of the few who encountered a new bug, so have you tried since?