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By Hugh Ravening
I just installed the new AC23 AUS but maybe I hit a wrong button?
When I choose Help from the menu I'm being told that I need to download offline help and install.....

Here is what I get when I select ,<Help><ArchiCAD Help>
Please connect to the internet to access the up-to-date ARCHICAD Help online.
If you plan to work offline: copy the following link, and when you have internet access, use it to download the Help installer to your own computer, then install the Help. ... atform=Win

BTW I am online....

Do I need to re-install or is there some way to link correctly to online help files

Thanks for any help!

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By Barry Kelly
I think it depends on which Internet browser you have set as default.
I had Internet Explorer and it didn't work either.
I set Firefox as default and now it does.

But if you want the PDF help file then you have to do the download.