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By kielbasa

Is there any way of speeding up redrawing a pdf while zooming?

File was dragged and dropped - It's not a complicated pdf, just a simple 3 rooms with chairs, but I find this still a bit annyonig when I have wait 1-2sec for it to redraw each time I have to zoom in.
Are there any ways of turning the antialiasing off in pdf settings or something similar? (I'm just guessing).

I'm using AC18, a quad proccesor phenom 945, and 6870 graphics.
Don't think my comp is too slow for that...

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By Erwin Edel
You can explode the PDF to lines and fills and clean that up a bit with linework consolidation (to get rid of duplicate lines).
By kielbasa
Just realized I've been wrong. It's quite big for a pdf - 3MB, and there's lots of fills/text inside.
Exploding doesn't help much, it's still slow in the end.