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I am using 22 solo. I went to grab something from another project and it doesn't have the option in the drop down menu in the organizer to browse to another project. I can't find anything in the solo documentation that says it's missing that feature. Is there some other way to get things from another project besides actually opening it and copy and pasting things? Which would just be silly if I had to do that all the time.
When you use the "Browse Project" command, it will let you to open the View Map or Layout Book of another Project and see the Views, place those Views on Layouts of the host Project, or drag-and-drop Layouts into the Layout Book of the host Project.
It cannot be used for bringing elements int the host Project.
Copy-paste is the best you can do in that case.
What I'm saying is there's no "browse to project" option in the solo version. So basically you can drag and drop things from only the project you're in which is just dumb and has zero use because you can just do it outside the organizer. What I want to know is there another way to do what the organizer does since apparently you can't use the organizer for anything useful in solo.
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I don't have access to the 'Solo' version and I can't see any on-line documentation for it.

The full version clearly shows in the reference guide (as expected) that we can 'Browse' for other Archicad files in the Organiser.
I am just wondering what it shows in the 'Solo' reference guide.

The full version also has the 'Browse' option in the Navigator as well.

Also what happens when you open a second Archicad with another file.
We see in the Navigator (and Organiser) any other 'Running' files.
These files can then be selected and their views or layouts dragged to the 'Active' layouts.


If you don't see these other 'Running' files, then clearly this is a feature that is not included in the Solo version.