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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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Ghassan Kanaan wrote:
Sat Nov 16, 2019 9:23 pm
In many cases when Composite Walls intersect together... There are 2D lines appearing that shouldn't be there!
Even when I try manipulating the "Junction Order" of these walls.
I cannot tell if you just wanted to complain, or you are looking for a solution?

For anyone to help, you need to tell us what version/build of ARCHICAD you are using, what operating system, and a screenshot of the issue at the least that also shows where the wall reference lines are. Composite definitions and layer info also matter. Are the base and top of each wall at the same elevation?
Could you post a screenshot which displays exactly how you would want it? Just to know what we are aiming for.
To do that, drag a Copy the Walls, explode them, and modify the resulting lines and fills, that would be the easiest to produce it.
When the reference line of 3 walls connect, there is often a problem that you (Archicad) may not be able to solve.
Try adjusting the junction order as Ling has suggested.
I am not sure it will work perfectly in this case.


You could also move the reference line (of the red walls) to the other side of the walls (outside?), but I think you will still have issues with the attached (purple) walls, as technically they won't connect as their reference lines do not touch the other reference lines.
Changing the junction order basically mimics this behaviour anyway.

You may need patch with fills (won't help in 3D) or place a complex profile column at the corners to achieve the correct trimming.

If you want you can select these walls in plan.
Go to the FILE menu > External Content > Save selection as a Module. (un-tick the replace selection with module' option).
Then ZIP the MOD file and attach it here.
Maybe we can then look at it in more detail - saves us having to create the composite walls.

For the air gap on the right, you will need to either:

have the left leaf have a stronger BM than your left walls or,
do not have your reference lines intersect.

The second will need something else to solve the inner skin connection.
This is a very complex arrangement, so what I would do is I would model the two Wall intersections on the two sides of the Window as Complex Profile Columns.
I have placed a blue fill on your image so you can see what the extents of these two Columns should be.

I have tried all solutions... Including that of the Profiled Columns, where I still had lines separating the turned skins of the Window's Opening and the same finish skins of Columns.
Since the displaying of the 3D Model is correct in the 3D View, I found the better was to use the PATCH Object.
Thank you all
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