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I use APIDb_ModifyHotlinkNodeID to modify hotlinknode name,but it does not work.

In the HotLink Module Manager ,the hotlink name is also the old name.

the code e.g:
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GS::snuprintf(, API_UniLongNameLen - 1, L("Hotlink updated by test add-on"));
			err = ACAPI_Database (APIDb_ModifyHotlinkNodeID, &hotlinkNode);		// rename hotlink node
			if (err == NoError && hotlinkNode.guid != APINULLGuid)				// update cache content
				err = ACAPI_Database (APIDb_UpdateHotlinkCacheID, const_cast<API_Guid*> (&hotlinkNode.guid));

			if (err == NoError) {
				char guidStr[64];
				APIGuid2GSGuid (hotlinkNode.guid).ConvertToString (guidStr);
				WriteReport ("Hotlink node is updated successfully: {%s}", guidStr);