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Hello! This is my first post. I'm just starting to use Archicad. I'm structural engineer. I use a structural software that export IFC 4. I import this IFC into Archicad. All the elements are correctly imported into Archicad elements (beams, columns, slabs), except for IfcFooting \ FOOTING_BEAM and IfcFooting \ PAD_FOOTING. Instead of being imported into beams and slabs, they are imported into objects.

I have tried these definitions in the import translator:

But it doesn’t work. Does anybody know how to solve this?

I have even tried to model the footing in Archicad, using beams and slab tools, export the IFC mapping them into IfcFooting, import the IFC, and the result is the same.

I edit: I'm sorry, I think I should have posted in "II. SPECIFIC QUESTIONS / PROBLEMS".
I think which Ifc Type imports into which ARCHICAD Element type is hard-coded into ARCHICAD and cannot be changed.
The screenshot you posted only affects what Classification the imported element will be placed into, not what kind of element it will be converted into.
Thank you very much LaszloNagy! :)

Ok, I was really confused with import translators. I thought it was possible to use type mapping to map the element in ArchiCAD, as we can map ArchiCAD elements into IFC elements, in export translators. After reading your message here, I have seen an ArchiCAD video (, where it says that import mapping controls how imported elements are classified, and that this is important because the classification controls which ArchiCAD properties it has.

So, to which ArchiCAD element the IFC element is imported, is hard-coded. It’s sad to hear that, because I can’t do anything. In my opinion, it isn’t logical to import the IfcFooting into objects, instead into the tools we use to model them (beams and slabs). I would like to know why developers have decided to do that, may be there’s a reason I don’t see :?

You have helped me a lot, thank you again! I hope, in some time, I can also help other people.
I think the reason these import conversions are hard-coded into ARCHICAD is because it has to consider each ARCHICAD tool's geometric capabilities and limitations. And since there is no Footing Tool in ARCHICAD, it is probably the Object Tool any footing geometry can be converted to.
It’s true that there is no footing tool in ArchiCAD, but how do you model foundation elements? Because I have been told to use beam and slab tools to model them. I classify them properly to export those elements to the correct IFC type (FOOTING_BEAM and PAD_FOOTING, in this case). I thought the other way around, would be similar, but may be those tools have limitations, as you point. But, at least, beams, are beams :?

Thanks :)
Yes, and now with the new multi-segment capabilities of the Beam Tool in ARCHICAD 23, footings are much easier to model than in previous versions.