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By Christophe Fortineau
Hello Gilberto Oliveira,

Windows and doors are on the same layer than their walls.
You have to put a view on a layout.
The question is how do you make this view ? 2D, 3D ? Graphic override ? MVD ? etc. ...
Do you check your lined libraries ?
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By Christophe Fortineau
When you right clic on your view into your layout, then clic to show original view : do you see your windows and doors ?
Do you check your libraries ? Do you check the view pen set into your layout ?
Which Archicad do you use ? With which update level ?
By Gilberto Oliveira
LOL...when i click "show original view" all windows and doors disaperar from 2D (still show on 3D).
Im using 23...

Now im even more lost.. I think my libraries are ok...nothing missing
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By Barry Kelly
Let me see if I get the terminology correct here - I usually mess this up.

You have a VIEW POINT in the PROJECT MAP - i.e. plan, section, elevation, etc.
You then save VIEWS of these VIEW POINTS in the VIEW MAP.
These VIEWS have settings for layer combination, scale, pen set, graphic override, renovation filter, etc.
These settings are saved when you create the VIEW but can be changed any time afterwards by changing them in the VIEW SETTINGS or by changing the actual layer combination, graphic override, reno filter, etc.

You now place these VIEWS on the layout pages as DRAWINGS.
When you OPEN SOURCE VIEW of the DRAWINGS you will see the VIEW with the settings that it has been saved with. It should appear exactly as it does in the layout.
This will be the same if you open the VIEW from the VIEW MAP - it will open with all of the settings it was saved with.

If you open a VIEW POINT in the PROJECT MAP, you manually control all of the settings for what you want to see, so it may appear different to the actual VIEW (DRAWING) you are using in the layouts.

I hope this makes some sense.

By Gilberto Oliveira
The problem presists. I already uninstall archicad and instal again.

Please take a look of there two screenshots.
The first one is from PROJECT MAP, (everything look OK)
The second is t he LAYOUT BOOK AND A VIEW.. as you can see the doors and windows are missing...and i dont know why.
By Braza
Hi Gilberto,
Gilberto Oliveira wrote:The second is t he LAYOUT BOOK AND A VIEW..
Can you post a screen shot of the view map that is in the layout?
Not the project map (that is what you posted).
By Gilberto Oliveira
Ohhhh thats it.. i never used the VIEW MAP before, allways drag the view form the project

I already "fix it" because VIEW -1.PISO (16) actually dont have the doors and windows (still dont know why) but the (15) i change it.

I need learn more about the view maps.
Thanks for all the help
03_VIEW MAP.jpg