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Modeling and drafting in Archicad. (Example: How can I model a Roof soffit/fascia?)

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I am trying to apply transfer settings from favorites to slabs, beams and columns that I have combined from an IFC. I want to transfer everything, except for cross-section dimensions, and slab thickness. I have seen in this forum that there is an “Element transfer setting” menu. I am looking into it, but I don’t find how to exclude that. Is it possible?


It seems you can exclude the beam length and column height, but not the cross sectional thickness/size of any elements.

Hi again,

For example, in beams, I need to change:
- Layer
- Floor and plan display
- Cut surfaces
- Outlines
- Symbols

Is it possible to automatize this? I don’t think so but just in case I am missing something or I am not aware of other process.


There is no automation per se except but GOs to overrider the items should do the trick.
If that does not work or if an item os missing from GOs then you can do it once per tool. For example
In 3D Window
Select Beam Tool
Select Ctrl (CMD) + A = This will select all the Beams
CTR+T to open Settings
Change all those elements AC will not change anything else
deselect and move over to the next tool.
For most complex scenarios use the Find and Select Palette where you can save a prest like :all Beams on third floor with material X, line weight Y and custom profile Z" and then edit those only.
Hi ejrolon!

Thank you very much! I am using GOs to override, and I am also doing the process you told to change somethings.

For example:

In 3D Window
Select Column Tool
Select Ctrl (CMD) + A = This will select all the Columns
CTR+T to open Settings:
- I change the top link (I need to see with my structural software company why it is not linked)
- I change the layer
- I change the settings in floor plan displays, show on stories

I do the same process with beams, slabs, etc., and then I use Graphic Override combinations.

Is that it?

Once I have the method studied, I will see if I can ameliorate it with Find and Select Pallete.