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By Stress Co.
This wish is to add the ability to export PDF drawings from the
iOS & Android, BIMx viewer (single and multi-page PDFs).
Hi Gyuri:
The contractors (and sub-contractors) I work with are slow to adopt a
paperless work environment. They require printed docs.
(maybe this will change if someone develops a tablet with a A1 screen size :D ).

I share the BimX model from the transfer site and email a multipage PDF, with
the exact same set of 2D drawings. They either print the PDF's in house
or send to a Print Service. AirPrinting a multi-page PDF directly from
BimX is a tedious process.

Every update to the BimX file requires another PDF set to the contractor.
Having PDF's files of each revision is a must to document/track changes.

The ability to send the 2D drawings from the BimX file streamlines the process.

Perhaps this is a moot point if the desktop version had the functionality
to view (and print) 2D documents.

Hope you're staying safe & healthy 😷