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Do you think new Stretch Plane/Poly GDL commands would be useful?

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I would like to see a new GDL command capable to stretch any GDL geometry.
Its syntax could be similar to Cutplane and Cutpoly commands, where you can define a plan/polygon and a direction vector that define the stretch dimension.
These commands would allow users to create static geometries from regular AC tools and make them parametrical with very low effort.
I mean: CutPlan command enables you to define a plan crossing any geometries (until CutEnd) and choose the side which will be cut, wright?

So. Instead of just cutting the geometries, I propose a stretch operation... Much like the Stretch command inside AC.
All the nodes involved on the operation would be moved maintaining the others still.

With this command, a user could i.e.: Create a door/window panel with 1x1m dimension using regular walls and slabs > Save it as a Custom Door/Window panel object > Open the object place two StretchPlan commands on the middle of the geometry and associate them to a length and width parameter.

Basically it would allow GDL to do what Stretch Modifiers do in the Profile Editor.
The StrchPoly variation is just a refinement of the command, allowing to create not a plan, but a poligon. Just like CutPoly command.
What do you think?
Ah, now it's much clearer! Thanks for the explanation, Braza!
A friend of mine build an object which is doing just exactly that. Soooo... it's kinda possible already, but yeah, it ain't "just one" command – on the other hand a lot of things are also rather verbose in GDL :lol:
To create something line the Stretch Boundaries available for Complex Profiles? Maybe a dialogue when you create a GDL object from your model that allows you to define xyz stretch boundaries relative the the centre of the selected object?

@ runxel

If someone has done it, it's a good sign. :)
I came up with this idea after seeing some limitations of the LPM (Library Part Maker) addon for creating "Stretchable/Parametric" doors/windows. This new commands would allow the creation of custom parametric objects with the "Save selection as Object/Door/Window" command. The user could define a morph plan and change its ID to something like "StrchPlan_MyNewParameter" and the command would convert the morph geometry to a GDL StrchPlan and add the parameter to the object (Similar to the WallNiche solution in custom windows).


A new GDL dialogue would also be great. Then, users would have a more "friendly" interface to refine it.
But always with a "Hard" command for complex GDL scripting.