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What is your opinion about this Wish?

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Then I am at a complete loss understanding what you want, why you want to do it and why you are wishing for this.
You don’t have to recreate the Classification if it is already done nor do you have to write any properties. You just need to create the schedule and assigned the classification to the objects as needed.
Hi :D
Tomek Piatek's option is extremely important to make the graphical detail book, I totally agree with him
- instead of developing a whole system of keynote or expression, with a multitude of property that we used what for the description, I prefer that the label tool is able to recover the descrition from the classification, and it remains totally logical :wink:
And I have been answering multiple in the thread you can already do this and you have 2 options to do it. The recommended one and a workaround.
AFAIK the last problem with TP was that he didn’t want to spend the time writing his “custom” classification.
You are incorrect. The specific feature I asked for does not exist. I am certain of it and that’s why I asked for it. I believe that the implementation would be simple and deliver great benefit.

I also don’t mind putting in the hard work to achieve the desired outcome. I do mind wasting time on workarounds that don’t get me what I actually need.

Last, I find the general attitudes towards new suggestions on this forum very strange. My impression is that there is a group of very experienced and longtime users here who just don’t want anything to change in AC and they actively resist new ideas. It feels more like a victim support group than a software wishlist forum. If this forum is not the right place to ask for new features then kindly let me know where else I can do that and I won’t bother posting here any more.

All the best.
Actually I need to stop you with the comment about experienced users and not wanting to change AC, we are not against new ideas nor we want to victimize any users. In this specific case I just wanted you to not waste your time waiting for a wish and show you a way to do what you wanted right now.

Anyway it looks like I keep misunderstanding what you want to do.

- You want for labels to show info from Classifications. I showed you an option to do this
- You want an option to organize data by groups and I showed examples of how to do it.
- For both options I indicated, based on my experience, where you should spend your effort and time while indicating the recommended one based on doing this type of procedure since way before classifications and properties existed. I was in this position with AC08 in 2005?
- for the XML import you just need to configure a Schedule, export and copy/paste from your XML file or use BBedit to edit it.
On another note:
From my side of the keyboard (writing with no malice or angry or trying to shoot you down) this looks like “new user” that generalizes a wish, doesn’t like the answer and then attacks the messenger.
My position is that this wish is unnecessary since this can be done with existing tools I tried to help you out and show you workflows how instead of just voting “not necessary” and moving on.
Looks like this is not satisfactory and that you feel I insulted you, sorry that you feel that way it was not my intention.
Moving on.
I can see how accessing the Classification Description could be useful under some set ups, but I think the intention of GS is we then drill down and reference element properties opening up the possibility of element specific descriptions. For example properties can provide a general description for a beam, and also enhance that description with size, finish etc. I guess it depends on how you manage the variables in your drawings either automatically or you add to a label manually or even just dimension the element if size is the only variable.
Personally, before transitioning into Archicad, we did all our keynotes manually, from a big list of specifications and adding them to drawings, with its proper number reference, which is the opposite of automatic, but it worked.
I think what Mr. Tomek suggest is easy to implement because, as many things with Archicad, its actually already there, and it would provide a platform to add our notes at our will selecting from a premade list. For my office, it would be great.

But on the other hand, i also suspect what Mr. Sketcher says, that is, GS actually doesnt want us to do that, as they want us to extract everything from the model, which is a very noble goal we should all aspire to, but is not always feasible.