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I am developing a schedule to calculate window and door glazing within a room. The schedule picks up window glass but not that in a door or transom. I have included the parameter 'Total Glazed Area' in the scheme settings field however door glazing returns zero when the door has glazing. I do not see a separate parameter for door glazing. Note the Zero value in the glazing column for D1 Transom 23 as an example in the attached image. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you, Scott
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.32.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-06-18 at 6.32.46 AM.png
If this is for Title 24 energy purposes in California, you should look into how this is calculated for doors. If glazing is more than 50% of door, then entire door opening is treated as a glazed window. If less than 50%, then 2" frame is assumed around glazed area, and that must be added to window area. So, generally for energy purposes, the wallhole area is often the correct one to use. It may be easiest to just add a custom property for door glazed area.

If you are just looking for glazing per se (for example, to demonstrate required daylight), I believe Cadimage Doors/Windows has glazed area parameter. Otherwise, you may be looking at a custom property with a formula.
Hey thanks so much Richard,
It is for your second comment related to providing 8% of the room area for natural light. Some of our doors are the Cadimage variety and others are from the native 23 library. Odd and frustrating that the native doors will not return the glazing value.
Dear Scott,

Thank you for sharing the issue, and I am very sorry about the experience!

I have checked the issue in both INT and USA version. On INT, it works correctly, the Total Glazed Area is displayed for both doors and windows. On USA, the Total Glazed Area is an editable number that does not depends on the real settings of the current door (it can be seen under Door Selection Settings > Description > Total Glazed Area). I have no idea why there is such a difference. I will forward this to our Technical Support team for further investigation.

As soon as I receive an answer I will let you know! Thank you very much!

Best regards,
Hi All,

We have concluded the investigation and found out that this is a defect with USA doors. We have entered it in our system. For now, I can only suggest using doors from INT library in order to have this value calculated automatically!

Thank you for your understanding! If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me again!

Best regards,