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By Lingwisyer
Hi all,

Well... less all, more who ever programs this website...

Could you add a section in the sites user registration that requires a user to input their operating system and ArchiCAD version with an optional memory and GPU input? Then have a users signature default to this information.


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By LaszloNagy
We have contemplated this when the new forum engine was implemented. However, there were a few arguments that went against it, like:
1. How do we enforce it? You cannot register unless you fill ou those fields? Which fields would we require? AC version? Op. system? CPU? GPU? They can all be relevant.
2. How do you make sure the thousands of existing users also fill out their Profiles with this info? That is how this thing could really be useful if all users fill out the data.
3. How do you make sure the data is updated, so it is not like users fill out once and in 1-2 years it becomes obsolete.

So, in the end we decided not to require it.
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By Barry Kelly
LaszloNagy wrote: Wed Jul 15, 2020 7:40 am 3. How do you make sure the data is updated, so it is not like users fill out once and in 1-2 years it becomes obsolete.

Unless you make the user fill in the information every time they post.
Like when we beta test and report bugs.
But that is a right pain in the proverbial to do that all the time.
Unless it could some how have automatically populated fields based on the last time you set them or from user's profile settings.
That way you could change them for a specific post if need be.
But then you are back to square one as the user may not change them if for example they are working on a different version - and may then get a wrong answer.

I don't think there is an easy solution to this one.

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By Lingwisyer
Even if it is not enforced in any way, it still at least sets a benchmark for new users who join. As for existing users, just have a one time redirect to a page to set a signature with a note about system details the next time they create a new post.