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We are visual creatures and often a picture says more than a thousand words ...

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If I ecounter an issue I try to explain it as precise as possible as this makes it also easier and faster for other users to get the idea. I often just use shortcuts to record my screen and then paste it directly from the clipboard on forums to get support or to support others.

However, here this does not work as I have learned, that the forum engine is not capable of this feature. Therefore several steps including manually saving and uploading files would be required and there ain't possibility to reach a comparable speed of my workflow. This is actually not very comfortable and during busy time I caught myself that I tend to rather just leave out attachments on this page then to have to go through these extra steps. I know it's just a small thing, but our business is time consuming enough so I do not want to bother with such little annoying things all the time.

The last couple of years the internet has changed and several communities have implemented this much to the joy and happiness of their users and it would really like to see it as an obvious feature here as well, better today than tomorrow ...